Guardian Picture of the Week: Photofusion member Tim Mitchell

Photofusion member Tim Mitchell has been selected as Guardian’s Picture of the Week, as well as having a feature in the last Guardian Weekend magazine for his project “Clothing Recycled”.

© ‘Panipat is the centre of the global shoddy industry’ by Tim Mitchell

Mountains of secondhand winter clothes, donated to charity shops in the UK and Europe but unsold, sit in a warehouse in Panipat, a city 90km north of Delhi. Sorted by colour, they are awaiting the next stage of their transformation. Using vegetable cutters, a team of women will slice off zips, buttons, linings and shoulder pads, check pockets for coins and rubbish, and discard brand labels. The latter are worthless – it’s the fabric that’s valuable now.

Tim Mitchell collaborated with anthropologist Lucy Norris on this project, photographing every stage of the global recycling industry in India.

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