Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2012

Announced on the opening night of our Annual Members’ Photography Show by Miranda Gavin from HotShoe magazine, were the winner, runner-up along with some honorable mentions for the HotShoe Photofusion Award 2012.

Miranda applauded Photofusion’s Members on producing such a broad range of photographic work ranging from portraiture and landscape to the alternative processed, staged and fine art work. She mentioned that, “I had fun looking at graffiti fallacies and X-Ray panties”, which were just some of the interesting examples of social documentation that stuck in her mind. Miranda also commented on the interesting use of B&W, in particular that by CJ Everard, who had captured the magnificence of a chaotic natural environment; Jon Wyatt’s triptych of Ben Nevis and the places where fatal snow avalanches have occurred; and to Valerie Bennett’s ‘Ash Trees’.

Due to the large number of artists in the show, some honorable mentions were given to work that Miranda found personally interesting and that showed the breadth of photography. “I like all genres of photography, but I like images that speak to me, that resonate in some way” explains Miranda.

The honourable mentions were…

  • Terry King, ‘Winter Tennis, Marble Hill’, 2011. Terry uses alternative processes, in this case gum bichromate printing of landscapes which bare aesthetic resemblance to paintings.
  • Teresa Sa, for her work from the series ‘If I wake up before I die’, 2012.
  • Carlotta Cardana, “Claudia” from her series of portraits of English Mods.
  • Simon Hipkins, for his documentary/reportage project on ‘The Gasparova Family’ from the series ‘Ostrava: Hooked on Steel’, 2011.
  • Marc Schlossman, ‘Cinnamon Screech-Owl (Otus petersoni), Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago’, 2008. Marc did a still-life project shooting specimens of endangered and extinct species.

Terry King | Winter Tennis, Marble Hill, 2011 | A1 approx. | Gum Bichromate Print: £1,200 (digital prints: £600) Teresa Sa | Untitled, from the series 'If I wake up before I die', 2012 | 43x60cm | £450 (£600 framed) | C-Type print Carlotta Cardana | Claudia | 64x64cm | £250 inc. frame Simon Hipkins | 'The Gasparova Family' from the series 'Ostrava: Hooked on Steel', 2011 | 22x16in (framed) | £495 | C-Type Marc Schlossman | Cinnamon Screech-Owl (Otus Petersoni) | A2 | £195 (unframed) | Archival inkjet print

The runner-up for the HotShoe Photofusion Award goes to Gemma Marmalade for her multimedia piece titled “Strange Birds”. This project is an experimental polyvisual piece of video artwork that responds to the groundbreaking discover of pigeons being able to determine the sexuality of humans through visual observation in 1957.

Gemma Marmalade

Gemma Marmalade | HotShoe Ward | Runner Up

And finally, the winner of the HotShoe Photofusion Award 2012 goes to Liane Lang, for her work from the series “Monumental Misconceptions”. This project came from a residency in 2010 at Memento Sculpture Park in Budapest, where Liane made sculptural interventions with the Socialist monuments in the park as well as monuments and sculptures around the city. The life-like figures employed in the work are latex casts made in the studio. The artist’s strategy for intervention in Budapest was to approach figures that are monumental in scale and oppressive both in their physical presence as well as in their original locations, with life-size objects and figures, attempting to re-animate and re-activate these historical objects.

Liane Lang

Liane Lang | HotShoe Photofusion Award Winner 2012

Drawing attention to the inherent properties of the objects, the absence of women and the nostalgic aesthetic they seem to be acquiring. As the winner of this award, Liane Lang’s work will be featured in the February issue of HotShoe Magazine.