Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2014

Photofusion’s Salon/14 opened last week with a fantastic turn out to the private view. As part of the launch we were lucky enough to have Miranda Gavin with us to select two joint winners for The Hotshoe Photofusion award 2014: Lucia Pizzani for her Impronta series and David Jackson for his film titled ‘This is Not My House‘.



Lucia’s work investigates gender issues, by researching gender and culture throughout history she produces interpretations of such through a mix of performance and photographic craft. Pizzani produced the cocoon-like dresses for her models herself with fabric sourced here in Brixton, the then bandaged women are photographed in static and almost awkward positions, calling upon feelings of claustrophobia and restriction.

These works are part of a series of ferrotypes – a Victorian method of exposing collodion emulsified plates to light. The result of which is an almost surreal and aesthetically tactile photographic image.


Co-winner of the Hotshoe Award was David Jackson for his video piece ‘This is Not My House‘, a film based on the evolving relationship between a father and son. Jackson was inspired to make the film when he heard the news his father was selling his house in Malta, he knew this would be the last visit to the house and felt compelled to record the place before it was gone forever. Using film and photography to record his relationship with his father, the memories of his childhood and reflections of his own identity David had this to say about his work:

‘I am astonished that a photograph or fragment of film is still able to capture a single point of any moment and make it an exception’


The evening was a great success, it was fantastic to get all the members together discussing each others work, whilst enjoying a drink and food from our generous sponsors Franco Manca. Thank you all who made it! Those who didn’t you have the chance to see these works alongside many others until 30 January 2015.