Hotshoe Photofusion Award Winner 2013: Katarina Mudronova

In light of our current SALON/14 Call for Submissions, we have interviewed last year’s winner of the Hotshoe Photofusion Award, Katarina Mudronova.

Katarina submitted to SALON/13 with the body of work ‘Strategic Cooking’ from her MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster degree show. Over the past year Katarina has gone from strength to strength in her photographic career, with her series recently selected to appear in the Photographer’s Gallery Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed exhibition.

© Katarina Mudronova, Untitled #1 ‘Strategic Cooking’


You recently graduated from the MA Photography course at Westminster last year with the series ‘Strategic Cooking’ as your final degree show project. What gave you the idea for this project?

I came up with the idea after I read the introduction chapter called Tracking Global Flows from the book ‘Anthropology of Globalization’ by Jonathan Xavier Inda and Renato Rosaldo. My work shows simple domestic objects taking on new and unexpected meanings through the playful metaphor. This series is neither a critique nor a description but rather my reflection on the impact of globalization and how humanity is dealing with this phenomenon. Subject of globalization is huge topic I wouldn’t be able to respond to it as a whole. Instead I am concentrating only on some parts of it through my reflection on selected issues.


What were your influences throughout your studies for this work? Tutors? Artists you saw in exhibitions?

This project started as experimentation, with one setting in my mind and took me a little while until I progressed with it, so discussions with the tutors and my friends were really helpful. When I feel a bit lost and don’t know which way to move; watching Jan Svankmajer films always helps in both ways relaxing as well as at the same time somehow kicks of my imagination.


© Katarina Mudronova, Untitled #4 ‘Strategic Cooking’


Since graduating, you won the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2013, were awarded a bursary and exhibition for Photofusion SELECT/14 and were selected for The Photographers’ Gallery ‘Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed’ exhibition. How have these achievements helped your photographic career progress?

They were really great experiences and opportunities to exhibit the work and get recognition.

How did these opportunities come around – did you get head-hunted, or did you apply to competitions when you graduated?

I apply for competitions after I do bit of research about them.

How did the Hotshoe Photofusion award and exhibition help with the daunting jump from education to the real, highly-competitive world of photography?

Personally it helped me with confidence and motivation.

What are your plans for the future – will you be continuing with this project or are you working on something new?

I am still working on to finish of this project, but starting to think about new work.

What would be your best piece of advice to emerging photographers today?

Definitely apply for the competitions, as it’s great way how to promote and exhibit the work.


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