Hugo Feio Machado

I am a Portuguese photographer with a BA and MA in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales Newport. My work is an extension of myself and my beliefs, and they are varied, although what I like to point my camera at is people and land, in this way I look out for particular situations i.e. politically charged landscapes that can be visually visible or the landscapes I like more that are the ones that don’t shout out their status. I have been developing since graduating from the BA in 2009 a project called requiem to a dying planet that follows people in landscapes where food is created for subsistence.

Each geography that is photographed follows the same strategy as the successive geography. I use the same film and off camera flash and tripod, although for the last chapter (three in total) I moved from a 6×7 rangefinder camera to a 4×5 plate camera.

The work is in progress and another geography is being researched in order to be photograph, at the moment I have been to a desert, mountain area and a cityscape.

Maya Levan

14 year old Maya Levan practices Tae Kwon Do at the Torfaen Tae Kwon Do Club run by her father in Wales. In 2013 she won a total of 13 gold medals in national competitions including 2 golds at the World Tae Kwon Do Championships.

Jack Heames

Jack is 14 and has been learning Tae Kwon Do to build self-esteem and create inner discipline and routine in his life. In 2013 Jack won 4 gold medals in national competitions and a silver at the World Tae Kwon Do Championships.