Jason Larkin – Tales from the City of Gold photography exhibition

Jason Larkin’s upcoming photography exhibition Tales from the City of Gold at Flowers Gallery centers around the massive waste dumps left behind by the once thriving gold mines in the city of Johannesburg. The economic prosperity resulting brought by these gold mines transformed Johannesburg into the thriving city that it is today.

By-products from these mines, called tailing dams, still remain throughout the city though the mines have been out of use for many years. Larkin spent two years living in Johannesburg observing the way of life beside these dumps.

His exhibition focuses on the impact of these dumps, on the present society of Johannesburg and the effects these lucrative activities from the past have on the present.

Larkin is a member of Photofusion and has received international recognition for his long-term social documentary projects and environmental portraiture. Social, economic and political issues recur as themes throughout his body of work, which he reveals through using an immersive process and drawn out method.

The exhibition is put on by Flowers Gallery and runs from February 21st through March 29th with a Private View on February 20th.