Kanoa Zimmerman

Today in the photofusion office we are dreaming of our holidays and so looking at the beautiful work of photographer Kanoa Zimmerman. Kanoa Zimmerman is a world traveler who takes us with him on his exotic adventures. In his series ‘Free Dive’ he photographs the remote islands in Northeast Fiji.

The monochromatic shots of deep sea divers, spear-fishers, and their prey are breathtaking documentations of the elegant underseas. Zimmerman frames such striking scenes by choosing to sink below and float above his subjects and catch them at an angle, managing to portray the magnificence and beauty of these underwater communities through his camera, with a sense of isolation that is almost palpable.

To see more of his work: http://www.kanoazimmerman.com/

© Kanoa Zimmerman, Free Dive

© Kanoa Zimmerman, Free Dive

Written by Sophie Stafford