Local art auction and fundraiser by Breakout Brixton to benefit Freedom Charity

This weekend, Breakout Brixton will be holding an art auction as a fundraiser for the Freedom Charity, a kitchen table charity dedicated to protecting the lives of the youth through raising awareness of modern slavery issues such as forced marriage and dishonour-based violence and providing young people with the means to deal with these issues.

The issue of slavery has recently surfaced in Brixton after the November rescue of three women who were enslaved in Brixton for 30 years. Their liberation is owed to Freedom Charity who organised their rescue after receiving the distress call from one of the enslaved women.

In the aftermath of this tragic revelation of human slavery in Brixton, a group of young Londoners, many of whom live in Brixton, have initiated project ‘Breakout Brixton’ to raise funds for the Freedom Charity to help them continue in their combat against slavery, an issue recently striking close to home.

In their collaboration with Freedom Charity, Breakout Brixton has learned that the charity is at a large risk of closing due to lack of funds and have organised a local fundraising project to raise money for the Freedom Charity to continue its honourable and necessary work.

The fundraiser will be held on March 14th at Brixton East beginning with the main event of an art auction and raffle from 6-9pm followed by a party until 3am.

The auction, raffle and party have all been made possible by donations from local artists, DJs, restaurants, breweries, and people willing to donate prizes to be auctioned and raffled off.

To attend, you must be on the guest list, which you can do by RSVPing to [email protected].

The bar will be cash only, and donations will be available to make at the door. Works up for auction and raffle prizes can be viewed on the event’s website www.breakoutbrixton.co.uk