Martyna Przybysz

Martyna is an early career photographer and workshop facilitator, with a passion for portraiture and mobile photography. She works with children with special educational needs, and is an avid reader and writer, with a particular interest in feminist film criticism.

You can find more of her work here:

Sam Barnett, 13
Sam plays a Trevor James Signature Custom Raw alto sax, and recently won the Mayor of London’s GIGS youth category.

“Music gives me a way of communicating that nothing else can replace. When you play with another musician you feel like you can play anything and it will sound great.”

La-Dantai Henriquez, 14

La-Dantai started learning photography by herself when she was 11, and later bought her first semi-professional camera from her pocket money.

“I think too many people think they’re photographers nowadays, but never take time and patience to learn about things like aperture and shutter speed. However, I did. And it’s proven to be the best thing I’ve ever learned.”

Le’Jhai Henriquez, 13

Le’Jhai got scouted from his school team by the local town team, Luton FC at the age of 9, and has been playing with them ever since. His aim is to become a professional footballer.

“I practise three times a week and I have a game a week. I’m always working on how to make myself better.”