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My piece of photographic work is talking about a new territory that I’ve recently discovered. I tried to create it from an objective point of view, however it has subjective tendencies.

Using this territory I investigated the condition of the human being and the conflicts of space that succeeds to gather people from different environments.

© London Underground, 2012

Subway means of transportation, urban, on rails, characteristic of big cities; it joins the urban center with the suburbs and lies on a site that is proper to it, generally underground, on the ground or on an elevated surface. The dictionary thusly defines it.

I define it as a place.

A place where people, all people without distinction, the poor and the rich, the doctor and the sick, the employee and the laborer, the commuter and the tourist, he who eats three times a day and he who eats every three days, meet and walk by each other several times a day, they brush past each other, sometimes talk to each other, sometimes say hello, sometimes recognize each other, other times ignore each other, run into each other, smell each other, like each other or disgust each other, fall in love each over or break away from each other.

In this place where some are born and some die, some laugh while some cry, some play an instrument and others sleep. Here, life flows fast.

Alecsandra Dragoi Alecsandra Dragoi Alecsandra Dragoi Alecsandra Dragoi Alecsandra Dragoi