Photofusion Member | Andrew Chisholm

We’ve all tossed a pebble in a pond or stream, and watched the pattern of ripples spread out. The act itself is simple enough, an innocent minor pleasure. It bears repetition, endlessly the same but endlessly different. Each pattern is as exquisitely complex as it is ephemeral. What is beyond the eye’s ability to take in is swallowed up again by the glassy surface, barely understood before it is gone.

© Andrew Chisholm

The work springs from a desire to catch something of this simple pleasure, to unravel a part of the confusion and present it as a permanent trace of what has been.

Andrew’s work is concerned with investigating analogue photographic media, their quirks and abilities to reveal or hide. Each project involves developing an unconventional photographic process. Recent examples include enlarging a negative to the point that the image is barely recognisable, working with the interplay of shadows thrown by coloured lights, or, in the current photogram examples, using water and time to deconstruct the motion of the surface into layers of colour, recombining them on the paper.

Andrew Chisholm Andrew Chisholm Andrew Chisholm