Photofusion Member | Andrew Upshall

For the past 12 months I have been photographing commuters on their way to and from work within the ‘square mile’ in London. Every weekday 350,000 commuters rush their was to the City, crammed onto trains and buses and spilling onto the streets. The flood of commuters creates a body of people taking on a glacial like quality that snakes through the streets of the City, quietly but firmly making it’s way through the street under a low murmur.

Communication is kept to the bare minimum and is rarely vociferous, the odd glance or flinch punctuates the solemn stoney poker face expression of the commuters. My project has been to photograph these openly tense moments, picking out individuals from the group and photographing them as I pass by. I will often travel with the commuters to their destination trying to remain unnoticed whilst at the same time trying to capture the moment.

© Andrew Upshall

I am a photographer interested in the ‘Street’ genre and have been photographing in and around London for the past five years. I am currently working on two major bodies of work on London streets and hope to fulfill my ambition to produce a book for each project.

Andrew Upshall Andrew Upshall Andrew Upshall Andrew Upshall Andrew Upshall