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There are over 8.3 million dogs in the UK.

  • 31% of households in the UK own a dog, 39% of whom have replaced their partner with a dog
  • 20% of owners bought their dog for companionship
  • 5% bought their dog for security

My curiosity in dogs and their owners was aroused by these statistics.

© Anne Clements

I was surprised that over 30% of UK households own a dog and wanted to discover more about these ‘households’ and their canine pets. The aim in this on-going series is to carry out a survey of dog owners from different socio-economic groups and ages and to find out if there is a stereo-typical pattern to the types of dogs people choose. As well as contacting people I know, I approach strangers in parks and the streets walking their dogs and ask if I can photograph them in their homes posing with their dogs.

Diane Arbus once said,

‘My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been. For me there’s something about just going into somebody else’s house.’

These are my sentiments and I too get very excited about going ‘where I’ve never been’. I love dogs and my camera gives me the courage to approach their owners. The dog acts as a go-between, putting both parties at ease and breaking down barriers between us.

A former television director, Anne won the Royal Television Society Best Documentary Award in the noughties for her quirky architectural series, Sublime Suburbia. She gave up telly five years ago, when Reality TV took over, for a new passion: photography. Her work is a mixture of documentary, conceptual, portraiture and street. She photographs compulsively on her travels around the world and London, where she lives and exhibits regularly. Her photographs have been published in Germany, the US and the UK, and shown in Zurich and California. To expand her horizons, she is now doing a BA Hons in Photography at the University of Westminster.

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