Photofusion Member | Beatrice Lacey

I am drawn to the transitory as expressed through the human body. My inspiration stems from an interest in capturing the aesthetic qualities of the human form.

To this end, my current images combine a contrast between form and form dissolving into its immediate space, offering the reminder that all formations of being are transient.

Beatrice Lacey


Beatrice Lacey (b.1957).
Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London. 1987 – 1990
MA fine art 2012 U C A Canterbury

Past exhibitions include:

  • Rye Society of Artists group- show
  • Stables Theatre Hastings Art Gallery one- woman show
  • Brixton Art Gallery one-woman show
  • Hastings Museum group-show
  • ‘The Pie Factory’ Margate group-show
  • Memorial Art Gallery Hastings one-woman show
  • Weekend Gallery Hastings one-woman show
  • Pure arts Battle group show
  • Bexhill De la Warre, pop up gallery twelve by six group-show

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