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I get close, I actively seek the attention of the subject and I am looking for a reaction.

I shoot women, candid images of women that I find attractive. It has always been a part of my portfolio but as time has moved on it’s clear to me that this is what I want to do. I don’t ask permission, I don’t even consider whether they want to be part of my project. I want them to see me, look at me, react to me. I don’t engage in conversation after I’ve taken the image and most of the time I don’t even make eye contact before I move on (although I am starting to). I’m only interested in one thing, to capture that moment and preserve it exactly how I saw it, like catching butterflies. I think it has everything to do with my relationships with women and where they started, developed and where they stand today.

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For me the visual image is everything and images of women I capture are a collection of moments. Bruce Gilden considers the people in his pictures to be his friends and I feel the same except I don’t want to know them, just catch that moments light, especially women I find beautiful and men I would like to be (which will be another book). Unlike a lot of street photographers I don’t want to be unnoticed, in fact I am less happy with pictures where the subject isn’t looking straight at me, I crave that connection for a fraction of a second and I am happy with that slice of time that is mine forever.

Susan Sontag’s first essay in ‘On Photography’ talks about the camera being a barrier between the photographer and the subject and how people use it to hide whilst using it to record and I strongly connected with that concept. I want to take the image, I want it on my terms, I don’t want my subjects to have any time to compose, I want them how they are and not how they want to be present themselves.


I have been a Digital Designer for 15 years. Initially setting up a Digital Agency but moving on to work in the e-learning, music and magazine industries developing ideas and creating online products.

Whilst at University I was taught traditional photography and used it as a means to an end. It was only when Digital SLR’s became affordable that I returned to photography with a fresh eye. Black and white street photography initially enthused me but I soon moved onto colour after a trip to San Francisco and have been shooting street and close up street portraits seriously for the last couple of years.

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Ed Walker Ed Walker Ed Walker Ed Walker Ed Walker
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