Photofusion Member | Emma Lewis

After a career working as associate producer to Stephen Poliakoff in 2011 Emma left to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming a photographer.

As well as her commercial work with interiors magazines, such as House & Gardens and as a portrait and lifestyle photographer she enjoys working on her own projects. ‘Artists and their Studios’ is a series of images of artists immersed in their working spaces and of the space itself. Often blessed with natural daylight streaming through the windows, the spaces make for beautiful snapshots of the bits and pieces that are the everyday work tools of the artists. Works in progress, sketches, props, cups of tea all give an insight into how that particular artist gets to their end result. Be it working through an inspirational but chaotic process or orderly and thoughtful routine.

Emma Lewis

‘Reflective Lives’ are portrait studies of well known actors taking a quiet and private moment to reflect on a reflection of themselves. Emma hopes to gain a small moment when the actor is being themselves with themselves not taking on some other role. She shoots these portraits with just the sitter, in their own homes or a place where they feel comfortable and settled so they are at their most relaxed.

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Emma Lewis Emma Lewis Emma Lewis Emma Lewis Emma Lewis
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