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Re-envisioning the things I perceive around me through the supernatural power of the camera lens. Freezing fragments of time with it. Capturing those fleeting fragments before they evaporate. Creating little parallel realities by this process of re-envisioning.

Understanding something unutterable but fundamental about myself and the world around me through doing this.

Julian Crowe is a visual artist / photographer based in London, UK. He has worked commercially with both the still and the moving image including 2D/3D animation and also live action film including the Warner Bros. 1998 feature film Lost In Space.


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Pyramids by Julian Crowe Stripes Attract by Julian Crowe Mono Nude 1 by Julian Crowe Diamond Geezer by Julian Crowe Mohave Landscape by Julian Crowe
At The Shopping Mall by Julian Crowe Seligman, Arizona by Julian Crowe Mono Nude 2 by Julian Crowe Streets Of Vegas by Julian Crowe Bangkok Mall by Julian Crowe


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