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Mark Chilvers was born in a borstal in Nottingham (his grandfather was the governor) and educated by nuns in North Wales (in a covent school). He started his career as a professional photographer at The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers in 1998, where he specialised in news features, portraits and adventure travel.

Since going freelance Mark has photographed for all of the major nationals in the UK, as well as publications including The New York Times, the Washington Post, Stern, Nat Geo Kids and Time magazine. Mark is a regular contributor to the Guardian Weekend magazine, The Times and Independent New Review. He was the chief photographer on the Slow Guides to Dublin and London, and completed an MA in Documentary Photography in 2010. Mark also teaches photography to community groups and kids.

One of Mark’s most recent projects is 50 faces from 50 states. Mark talks about the project below…

“In January 2013 I embarked on an epic road trip with my long term collaborator Jonathan Thompson as well as a new third member Chris Macdonald, on a road trip around all 50 states in just 30 days. Starting in Hawaii on New Years eve we raced to mainland America looking for stories, characters and adventure as part of a PR assignment sponsored by American Airlines.

© Mark Chilvers, from the project ’50 faces from 50 states’

As well as our other commitments I chose to create a personal project finding a portrait in each state we passed through. This was at times easy as with Boot in Arizona but at other times nearly impossible as in the metropolis New York surprisingly. Perhaps they were just a little more suspicious or busy to stop for a British photographer on the streets of Manhatten? I had the backdrop made up before I left the UK and only lost it once in our penultimate state and so had to borrow a hotel bed sheet to photograph the Voodoo priestess in New Orleans. But when we reached Dallas on Jan 31st I had managed to somehow shoot an eclectic mix of Americans from ever corner of this vast country.

An edit of the series featured as a cover story in the Independent New Review magazine.”

See below a few more images from this series, as well as a selection of other photographic portraits.

Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers
Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers Mark Chilvers