Photofusion Member: Max A Rush

South London Landscapes

What might seem like a predominantly urban landscape of busy roads, shops and houses all gradually and inevitably leading to the central London metropolis is, when seen from above, a sea of trees and open spaces. From the great green estate of Brockwell Park to the grand gardens of Crystal Palace and the hills and woods of Dulwich that so dramatically overlook the distant city skyline, south London is full of beautifully preserved miniature landscapes, where ancient trees, elegant architecture and pockets of wilderness separate the still recognisable towns that have over the years become our districts and boroughs.

© Max Rush, Fires of the Earth and Sky

The one thing I hope to achieve by photographing these landscapes, besides showing and promoting their intrinsic aesthetic value, is to reveal how the powerful forces of nature and the changing seasons interact with the land, becoming a tangible, evocative part of the visual world, largely untamed and unchanged by progressive urbanisation. If I can successfully capture these interactions through uncomplicated photography, using only what melodrama and chromatic excess nature chooses to indulge in, then I hope I can help inspire a greater respect for what London’s open spaces have to offer, and further the cause of their conservation.

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Max Rush Max Rush Max Rush Max Rush Max Rush

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