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“‘I AM’ is a body of work which see my sitters posing with no make-up, natural, no gimmicks, no nothing. This has proved challenging for some of the models, as they feel vulnerable and ‘naked’. The project aims to redefine beauty: “I just really began to see how I don’t need makeup to be beautiful” affirms one of the model”

Nadia Nervo is a London based artist working with photography and moving image.

© Nadia Nervo

“Most of my work revolves around people. I am fascinated by the relationship and personal interaction that evolves with each Individual I photograph. I am intrigued by people’s behaviour, habits and obsessions. Building collaborations with each individual – based on immense trust and respect – they become free to expose their emotions in front of the camera.Without judgment, I aim to investigate the psychological representation of the human condition, the unseen, focusing on the subtleties of human feeling, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.”

Previous works have explored; femininity, identity, beauty, gender, images of the body, women’s portraits, pregnancy, legs, feet, high heels and women and dance. “I investigate how women are portrayed in society, their roles and their vulnerability”.

On-going projects include: Teenage girls, women and their pets and a portrait series of her family gathering for special occasions.


Upcoming exhibition

A Single Feeling Moment at The Muse Gallery & Studio
Exhibition Dates: Thursday to Sunday, 5-8 March, 12-15 March, 19-22 March, 12-6pm
Private View: 6.30 – 9pm Wed 4 March 2015


Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo
Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo Nadia Nervo

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