Photofusion Member: The House of O’Dwyer

Gary O’Dwyer works as artist and curator

As an artist/photographer I work in series. The aim has been to collect/photograph man made artefacts and representations restricted to a theme and thus are able to reflect on human creativity, and consider its function, forms and content.

Briefly the images included here are from one of my growing archives of anthropological photographic series, ‘Graffitidick’. I am interested in the creative production of ‘non creatives’ and creativity, expression in areas not regarded as high art.

I base/justify my aesthetic along scientific and anthropological lines and themes; of working in the field, collecting on the go, analysing and classifying in repose!
I eschew the picturesque for a number of reasons: First I am in favour of signifying the clear and objective approach employed by science.

House of O'Dwyer

Second I want to reference the non-art ‘snap shot’ as it relates to the project. Third the work is related to my infatuation with documentary. I am also to pursue an unconsciously constructed aesthetic and aim to see beauty in unlikely places.

These photos of found graffiti penises depict the eruption through the fabric of the social space the driving spirit of the ‘Freudian Man’. This highlighting of the sexual drive or symbolic sexual display appeals as it is international.The work also has a relationship to the fashion for graffiti art. But relates more to notions of what is sublimated in art and to the artists who claim to paint and sculpt with their cocks: For example Rodin. The importance of the erotic. And it’s inevitable crudeness. The will to power versus the will to sex.

Like my other photographic projects, it is a game with rules that provides an excuse to pursue an action and a reason to make art …Yoking together tradition, objectivity, wellsprings of creativity, and the (post) contemporary is also very much part of my practice.

Graffitidick, public, transgressive representations of the male sexual reproductive organ, is an ongoing photographic series started in 2001.Other photographic series of mine include: flowers, fountains, towers and dead animals.


Since 1999 I have directed, The Centre of Attention, contemporary art collective curating exhibitions and producing conceptual and performative work. 2012 we opened a new art space in London’s Deptford: News of the World.

In 2011 I formed ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ as a curated platform for all art forms, using London’s Rio Cinema for quarterly ‘Happenings’ of screenings, performance, installations.

I produce work (moving image, photography and painting) under the name the house of o’dwyer. I have exhibited in the UK and internationally, including solo exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Fine Art Stockholm, John Moores University, Liverpool, and Milton Keynes Gallery in December 2009. As the Centre of Attention, I was selected for the 2005 Venice Biennale. My recent film “Action Diana” was chosen as one of the top ten films for 2009 by Art Forum.

I write regularly about new Art for magazines, publications, catalogues and press releases. I give regular talks and presentations at conferences, museums, galleries and for broadcast. Visiting tutor at Slade, Gothenburg University, LJMU, Sheffield. Currently working on feature length moving image work.

House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer
House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer House of O'Dwyer

The House of O’Dwyer
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