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‘Stress Birefringence’

Birefringence is caused when light passes through a material with molecules of no uniformity. When that material is stressed or layered the ray’s speed is altered, causing a variety of colours to occur when polarised. By magnifying and capturing the results of this process, the work looks into the phenomenon with a pseudo-scientific methodology; its objectivity being interrupted by the awe of the scientific.

© Tom Flynn, from the series “Stress Birefringence”

The photographic process in its ability to capture as well as distort, enables us to view these occurrences in a way that combines the imaginative with the representational.

I graduated from the Arts University College Bournemouth in 2010. I work predominantly with camera-lass photography and produce C-prints, projections and moving image work.

Tom Flynn Tom Flynn Tom Flynn Tom Flynn Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn Tom Flynn Tom Flynn

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