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The eternal and the ephemeral, past and future, melancholy and devotion: i used to. represents a state of tension between opposites that come together in harmonious union. This is a project which, through photography and fashion, celebrates the bond between the artist and her memory, driven by an inspiration directly linked to old memories and to a feeling of nostalgia for her homeland.

Valeria Cherchi was born in Sardinia, and has been dedicating herself to photography for years. Her project, i used to., initially conceived as a fashion story is set in Sardinia, in the evocative atmosphere of the places of her childhood and adolescence. Here, traditional Sardinian costumes have been skilfully combined with recent creations by local designers including Marras and Serra. But these fashion photographs soon become entwined with suggestions in which distant thoughts coexist in an outcome of immediate visual impact. And suddenly old family photographs re-emerge, together with personal images of the artist, tied to recent and to older memories, transforming the act of photography into a deeply introspective journey across time and space.

i used to. is a complex project, a full immersion in a place made up of memories; an exploration free from the traditional dictates of fashion photography which acquires a deeply poetic meaning.
Valeria Cherchi was born in Sassari (IT) in 1986. She currently lives and works in London as a freelance music and fashion photographer.

After studying Design and Visual Communication (Sapienza University of Rome, 2007/2010), she achieved her MA in Fashion Photography (London College of Fashion, 2011/12).

With her photographic research, the artist aims to restore the naturalness of a moment also in the fashion and editorial area. Thus, every story becomes a sort of photo diary able to refer emotionally to specific moments which are actualised with the images, but they do actually exist just in the author’s mind.

Valeria’s work has been published in magazines such as ElleGirl, Tank, Rollacoaster, Blink, Dazed Digital,, RollingStones, TimeOut London. Giorgio Bonomi wrote about her work in Il corpo solitario. L’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea (Rubbettino Editore 2011).
In 2013 she held her first solo exhibition in Italy at Fondazione Logudoro Meilogu.

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