Photofusion Member | Viveca Koh

I am a self-taught Fine Art photographer, with a special fascination for small details, for lost, abandoned, poignant and generally broken objects, and also for darkness contrasting with light, both in a physical and emotional sense.

Many of my illustrative images simply evolve as I am working on them – I start off with a quite straightforward idea of what I want to achieve but am always willing to venture wherever the photograph wants me to go, as I overlay multiple images together or add textures, scanned documents as new layers, and subtle shading. Two photographs may blend together in a way that I could not have previously imagined, and this is one of the things that I find so exciting and all-consuming when I work, to produce a final image that perhaps a little bit different, that invokes emotion in the viewer and makes them question their sense of the world as they know it.

© Viveca Koh

In 2010 I was awarded a Licentiateship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for ten photographs based on birth to death in a mental asylum, and in June 2011 I submitted a panel of fifteen photographs for an Associateship Distinction the Society, and was successful in attaining this distinction following a unanimous vote from the judges. I am planning to work towards Fellowship with the Society in the near future.

Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh
Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh Viveca Koh