Photofusion Member | Wendy Aldiss

Memory and photography are inextricably linked-sometimes indistinguishable from one another. We use photographs to prompt memories and sometimes cannot tell if we were at an event or think we were because of the photos we have seen of it. My interest is in the way that memory is inexact and how it changes over time, often without us realising it. Increasingly we understand that a memory is affected by experience, mood, environment and time. It can even be altered the more often it is re-visited as this layers additional influences on top. Photographically this constant re-interpretation is both exciting and challenging. Rather than try to recreate the past as it was I am interested in expressing the essence of the memory of the past as I currently experience it, to reproduce the memory I have now of the feelings and emotions a moment held for me in the past.

Memory 6, from the series ‘Memory through Time’, 2012

This set of images evoke my time spent on the beach as a child, not as it actually was but how it seems now, complete with the distortions that memory creates. Beautiful days of sunshine, the fascination of life under the water, the distance from one end of the beach to the other, and the dream of seeing my parents there together are all part of the story. Records of childhood generally include ‘snapshot’ photographs that record outward physical realities which provoke memories and emotions. These images start at the other end of this process.

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