Miranda Gavin | Photobook Review #3

#3 Photobook Review:
‘a story to share’ by Roberto Rubalcava

Miranda Gavin @ Photofusion

a story to share by Roberto Rubalcava is in a different vein with its gentle use of colour photography and abstract imagery. Flowing, particularly that of water and hair, is a central element in this collection of photographs that relies upon a muted palette and diffused light to create a dreamy work. An emphasis on relationships and intimacy is woven throughout the photographs, including that between a pair of swans. However, in places the editing decision to include a few harder-lit images—a woman in a black leotard doing a yoga pose on a table and one of a woman siting at a table with her hair over her face—appears out of kilter with the overall feel of the publication and breaks the ‘flow’ that permeates the work.

Miranda Gavin | Photobook Review #3

Abstract textures and patterns, misty skies and cherry blossom point to the transience of the natural world, while the repetition of photographs of women’s hair, whether red or blonde, but always long, is a further feature echoing the flow and rippling of water, and recalling John Everett Millais’ Ophelia and other Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic paintings. In this A5-size publication, the images vary in size and format, some are full-bleed across double-page spreads, while others are contained in the page and are framed by large white borders, giving the photographs significant space to breathe. Landscape and portraiture combine in this compact publication, which is a limited edition number 26 of 250 costing £12.

Miranda Gavin, Photobook Review #3 Miranda Gavin, Photobook Review #3 Miranda Gavin, Photobook Review #3 Miranda Gavin, Photobook Review #3 Miranda Gavin, Photobook Review #3

Photobook Details
a story to share
Limited edition 26/250
Photos by Roberto Rubalcava
[email protected]

Edited and published by Rebecca Rijsdijk
Sunday Mornings at the River
Published in Holland, 2015-10-09
Printed by De Resolutie, Rijswijk
Bound by De Boekenlegger, Heeswijk
ISBN 978-90-822325-3-0
© Roberto Rubalcava, 2014