NCM Member Eleonore de Bonneval exhibition in Paris

Eleonore de Bonneval, a participant on our New Creative Markets programme, has an exciting new photography exhibition called Anosmia opening in Paris from September 17-21 as part of the Rives de la Beaute, a parisian annual event.

Eleonore de Bonneval is a London based photojournalist who graduated from the Master MIPC of the ISIPCA and obtained an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography from the London College of Communications (LCC). Her project on anosmia combines both her passions for smells and photojournalism.

We smell just as we breathe. Smells have the power to trigger our deepest memories and are closely linked to our emotions. For suffers of Anosmia, smells are non-existent. They have a total loss of the sense of smell. This interactive and most unusual exhibition allows us to challenge our olfactory memory and rediscover smells from our childhood. It also highlights the importance our sense of smells plays in our social life. Thanks to the diffusion system provided by Scentys and smells developed by Evelyne Boulanger, Eleonore de Bonneval manages the feat of making absence of smell visible through moving testimonials and photographic portraits of people commenting about anosmia. You will read the testimonies of June who describes anosmia like “living in a vacuum”.


Exhibition open: 17-21 September 2014

Admission free: 11am-9pm

KENZO Parfums Showroom
3 Places des Victoires
75001 Paris