Neate at ATP: An Era of Photographs from All Tomorrow’s Parties

Photography by Greg Neate

Inspired by the gritty black & white photography of the late 1980s music press, DiY fanzines and John Peel’s radio wave voyages, Greg has been photographing live music since 1989.

The exhibition includes over 30 black & white prints that were printed by Greg in the Photofusion Darkrooms over the last 10 years, along with 9 colour photographs that Greg scanned from the negatives processed also here at Photofusion!

© Greg Neate, Flyer for exhibition at ATP

With its line-up of Mogwai, Arab Strap and Shellac, the first All Tomorrow Parties at Camber Sands in 2000 was always going to be an irresistible draw. ATP swiftly became an annual adventure that he regularly descended upon to hear curator recommended sounds and to capture on his old Nikon cameras.

In 2002, Everett True and Steve Gullick from Careless Talk Costs Lives magazine invited Greg to contribute photographs from Shellac’s curated ATP; a commission that resulted in the original collage that was published in their fourth issue (i.e. Issue 9) and which is included here. Photographs by Greg taken at subsequent ATPs would later feature in CTCL’s successor, Plan B magazine, while a number of black and white photographs appeared in the booklet that accompanied the DVD of the eponymous 2009 film, All Tomorrow’s Parties.

Resisting the lure of digital photography, Greg continues to shoot live music on 35mm film because the discipline involved makes for more considered imagery, which he presents as they were composed and without being cropped. He also says that film looks better.

Karen O, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brick Lane, ATP, Hipster

© Greg Neate, Flyer for exhibition at ATP

Photography by Greg Neate

Greg has previously exhibited in Brighton and has a residency of photographs at the 13th Note venue in Glasgow. His website ( also has an online music photography archive that ranges from the familiar to the obscure but which always aims to personalise and connect with his subjects.

Neate at ATP is his first official ATP exhibition and includes over 40 photographs taken between that first ATP to last year’s End of an Era festival. The exhibition includes a number of colour prints that have not previously been printed including dynamic captures of the Yeah, Yeahs Yeahs, Iggy & the Stooges and Liars alongside more abstract compositions of Acid Mothers Temple, Einstürzende Neubauten and Ex-Models; as well as classic black & white prints of Slint, The Boredoms and Dizzee Rascal.

Prints by Greg Neate will be available to buy or can be personally ordered, while some will remain in stock for sale at the ATP Terminal.


DATE: 28th June – 13th July 2014
ADDRESS: Shop 12, Dray Walk Shoreditch (Opposite Rough Trade East)
OPEN: 7 Days 11:00am – 7:00pm

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