New baby in the digital printing department


Yesterday, our new baby was delivered. Weighing in at 220KG, we brought her up the stairs and into the printing room. Yes, the new baby is a Canon 9400 wide format digital printer, to replace our 8300 (who had become slightly tired and emotional). With a new machine comes a new set of media calibration and profiling, for the whole range of papers we use. With papers from Canson, Epson, Harman, Hahnemuhle and Innova, that is a whole stack of materials to run through.

Test targets started running Friday afternoon – first profiles running Saturday and Sunday.

Initial results are (IMNVHO) looking stunning – looking forward to further testing, then a second round of profiling with laminates and substrates.

We’ll shortly¬† release a completely new set of ICC profiles for clients to download, to help with softproofing images in Photoshop and Lightroom, with a special set to cover laminated media.

Exciting times for a colour geek.


Richard (The not very Humble Print Monkey)