New Digital Scanner

We have an exciting new service available here at Photofusion; we are now able to process and scan your entire roll of film at a high resolution.

Prices are:

Low-res (1500 pixels long edge): £15.00 (Members £10.00)
Mid-res (3000 pixels long edge): £20.00 (Members £15.00)
High-res (5000 pixels long edge):£25.00 (Members £20.00)

  • Low, mid and high resolution jpegs are delivered via
  • By default, mid and high res scans are produced slightly flat to preserve tonal detail, with minimal in scanner sharpening applied.
  • High-resolution scans can be supplied as 16bit tiff files, but you will need to bring in a USB, as the files are just too large to wetransfer. You can probably pick one up from Parallax Photographic Coop, along with new stocks of film.
  • Turnaround is current film process plus 24hours.
  • PAYMENT FOR PROCESS AND SCAN WILL BE TAKEN IN ADVANCE, so please ensure that we have the correct email address for you on database.