New Photocrowd photography night shot competition

Photocrowd is a free-to-use online community for anyone with a keen interest in taking pictures. It revolves around high-quality photography assignments, set by working photographers, that are designed to be the most inspiring reason you’ll find online to go out and shoot new work.

Alongside the assignments, the site hosts other regular photo contests, including ‘Show Your Best’ (a monthly opportunity to upload your favourite images, regardless of when they were shot)

The current competition is…

Upload your best night shots, whether taken last year, or last week.

© Photocrowd, Image credit: Ilaria Cannava

Judged by Photofusion’s gallery coordinator, Jenna Banat. Enter for your chance to win and also receive Brassai’s ‘Paris de Nuit’ photo book.

One of the main features of the site is our innovative voting mechanism. Regardless of which image feed you submit images to, the Crowd will vote on them, giving you instant feedback via the number of Loves and Likes your work accrues.

The ‘Upload your best night shots’ is voted on by Live Crowd voting, and expert judging is by Jenna Banat, Gallery Coordinator at Photofusion. The winner receives chance to win Brassai’s ‘Paris de Nuit’ photo book!

© Photocrowd

Unlike other sites, Photocrowd is a meritocracy: regardless of quality, all images get a guaranteed amount of exposure and, with voting that is both anonymous and randomised, judged fairly. And with this site you don’t have to wait days or even weeks to find out how your work has done: you can see in real-time how assignments and contests are unfolding and which images are doing well, right from the first upload through to when the winners are announced.

For more information visit the Photocrowd website