Oluchi Ozoemenam

Oluchi Ozoemenam is an emerging photographer who sees photography as a chance to represent life through the lens. Her photography is on one hand about intuition, taking a unique split second in time, creating a moment that will never be repeated, and on the other hand about making a photograph, manufacturing reality as she wants it to be.

“My photographs aim not to only tell a story but also to appreciate the ordinary things that surround us.”

Oluchi has a keen interest in portraiture, still life, fine art and performance photography. In addition, she spends some of her time on painting and drawing, which her photography also helps to inform. For more of her work: ooluchi.wix.com

Pemiwa Arowojolu, 16

One of five sisters and likes to be called “Pems”. Pems goes to school in Palmers Green. An elected member of Enfield Youth Parliament, she represents Area 3 which includes Southgate, Highlands, Palmers Green, Grange Park and Winchmore Hill. Elected in October of 2013, she will be a member of the EYP for 2 years

“My main focus for over the 2 years is to take the youth of Enfield from where they want to be to where they ought to be. I do not belong to any party but I have a strong interest in Politics.”

Jacob Wye, 20

Jacob spent his childhood years in Brixton, attending Sudbourne Primary School until the age of 11, and spending weekends with family and friends in Brockwell park, or in the old recreation centre near electric avenue.He began dancing with The Royal Ballet’s Chance to Dance project at the age of eight and continued his training at The Royal Ballet School’s Junior Associates. He then gained acceptance into The R’oyal Ballet Lower School where he stayed for five years before joining the Central School of Ballet in 2009.In his final year at Central, he toured around England and travelled to Amsterdam to perform works from various choreographers including Christopher Gable, Sharon Watson and Michaela Polly. In 2012, he received the Classical Ballet Award from Central and danced at multiple venues for the London 2012 Olympics including a solo at the Wembley Arena, choreographed by Sara Matthews and Leanne King.