On Landscape #2 exhibition and open call

Set up by Photofusion member and photographer Dafna Talmor, along with Minna Kantonen and Emma Wieslander, On Landscape #1, was the first of a series of exhibitions based on conversations between the artists, which took place in March 2014 at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects as part of their 2014 residency programme, and generously funded by the Arts Council of England.

On Landscape #2 seeks to instigate a series of discussions, raise questions and incite debate on representations of landscape. A central element of On Landscape Project consists of a library of self-published, hand-made or short run artists books relating to representations of landscape.

Publications included in On Landscape #2 will be sourced from an open call and selected by a judging panel formed by Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna of 3/3, Gianpaolo Arena of Landscape Stories, Matèria’s gallery director Niccolò Fano and the On Landscape Project team.

The selection of books from On Landscape #2 will add to a selection of titles stemming from the first edition of On Landscape Project, showcased in March of 2014 at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects in London. Titles from both editions of the project will be showcased within Matèria’s gallery space between April 17 and May 16, 2015. The book display aims to provide a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for a range of practitioners to showcase their work.


Open to all and free to enter, the only criterion is that each book relates to the conceptual framework of the On Landscape #2 project.



For more information please visit: onlandscapeproject.co.uk