1 to 1 training | suggested sessions

If you are interested in booking some 1 to 1 training at Photofusion, here are a few suggested 2 hour sessions. A two hour session starts at £130 (inc. VAT).

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  • How to process any black & white 35mm or 120 roll film
  • How to load the film onto spirals
  • How to mix the chemicals correctly
  • How to process, wash and dry the film
  • How to make a properly exposed contact sheet from your negatives


  • How to use any 35mm or medium format film camera correctly
  • How to load and unload the film
  • How to operate the camera’s light meter, if it has one (if it hasn’t you will learn how to use a hand held light meter)
  • How to operate all of the camera’s functions


  • Introduction to the modules and the interface
  • Importing images
  • Backing up of images
  • File naming
  • Format options
  • Basic key-wording
  • Rating and filtering images
  • Differences between catalogues, folders and collections
  • Optimising exposure, colour balance and tone
  • Localised adjustments
  • Cropping
  • Lens correction
  • Batch processing
  • Exporting files for various purposes


  • How to use the equipment correctly – all controls & functions (studio flash monoblocs/packs)
  • How to construct the lighting from Key light to fill light to effect light
  • How to light backgrounds correctly
  • How to meter with a handheld light meter
  • High-key & low-key lighting
  • Halos and hair lights
  • Use of soft boxes, brollies, ring-flash etc.


  • Understanding equipment how to control all functions on generator packs
  • Understanding how focal plane & leaf shutters work how with flash and ambient light
  • How to over power daylight and under-expose the sky/background via F-stops
  • How to under-expose sky/background via shutter speeds
  • Balancing flash to ambient light, fill-flash, using two flash heads in ambient light


  • How to correctly use E-TTL mode
  • How to use flash exposure compensation
  • How to use FEC with Camera Exposure Compensation
  • How to use the Manual Flash
  • Rear curtain flash
  • HSS-high-speed sync mode
  • Bouncing flash
  • On/off camera flash control
  • Fill flash
  • Over powering dayligh


  • Understanding all camera controls and menu functions
  • How the camera’s light meter works
  • All camera metering modes (Evaluative/Matrix, Centre-Weighted, Partial/Spot)
  • How to read histograms
  • Understanding exposure relationship F-stop, shutter speed, ISO
  • Using Depth of Field
  • Composition and lenses (zoom & prime)
  • Understanding how the focal plane shutter works