Participatory Project | Corrie Wingate returning to Kenya

In 2012 Corrie Wingate (NCM participant) set off to Kenya to run a participatory photography project with a bunch of kids at ANIDAN, a children’s shelter on Lamu island. The results from the workshops were quite extraordinary and prompted a discussion about providing a creative education to the children on Lamu island.  One year later a dedicated art centre was built on site at ANIDAN and has since been providing an arts education for around 200 children. One full time art teacher is employed and several local artists teach at weekends.  In 2014 a grant was awarded by The African Arts trust to bring Kenyan artists from Nairobi to Lamu to teach art workshops during the school holidays.



Corrie is returning to Kenya in August and will continue her participatory photography work.
She is now looking for used, unloved point and shoot digital cameras for the workshops.
The cameras should be in good working order, a working screen on the back is essential and the cameras must run on lithium batteries and the charger be provided (AA batteries are not sustainable and AA rechargeable drain too quickly).  If you have any old point and shoot cameras sitting in those drawers or know friends and family who do, please consider donating them to the project. Also if anybody would like to help further, Corrie is always looking for cash donations or art materials that can be posted to Kenya – water colour palettes, brushes, old school printing inks, colouring pencils, crayons, pencil erasers etc are always useful.
The cameras/donations/art materials will be collected by Paul Ellis at Photofusion and passed on to Corrie Wingate to take on her next trip.

Please follow children’s progress on the facebook page for the art centre in

And to find out more about the project or enquire about volunteering your time as an art professional to run workshops, contact Corrie on [email protected]