Members’ PhotoForum

Tuesday 5 March
19:00 – 21:00
Free and exclusive to Photofusion members

Our next Photo Forum session will be led by Gina Glover, photographer, educator, and a founding director of Photofusion.

Photofusion members Andrew Youngson, Hugo Feio and Daniel Hewitt have been selected to present work from their current photographic projects, before a discussion and Q&A is opened up to the audience.

All three artists share a documentary approach within their photography, however their individual themes are much more varied. Hugo Feio will be showing work from an ongoing project ‘Requiem to a Dying Planet’, which observes subsistence farming in different morphological landscapes around the world. Daniel Hewitt’s project ‘Geometry + Geology’ explores the formal and expressive affinities between Brutalist architecture and glaciated rock formations. And to round the evening off, photographer Andrew Youngson will be presenting a project that documents Bedouin communities living amidst Second World War minefields in Egypt’s Western Desert.

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