Photofusion Member: Kim Shaw photography exhibition

Opening on 27 Febuary, Jenny Blyth Fine Art gallery at Art Jericho will host the photography exhibition Paper Ghosts by Photofusion member Kim Shaw.

Among the rising use of digital photography, Shaw’s interest remains in “physicality of photography – being able to hold, to touch and feel.” She is fascinated by landscapes and the ability that a work produced on paper has to take on a sense of physicality as an object.

© Kim Shaw, from the series Old Vinyl Factory

The exhibition will feature four series each taken with a toy Holga camera and printed in the dark room. The series include Old Vinyl Factory, Lilliputian Landscapes, The Hummidity Series and Pinhole Flowers. Each series reveals Shaw’s ability to create contemporary works through a traditional method.

© Kim Shaw from the series Pinhole Flowers

The exhibition runs from 27 February through 31 March. More info: