Photofusion member: Lydia Goldblatt

Here we would like to let you know about the exciting new exhibitions of one of our Photofusion members: Lydia Goldblatt.

Goldblatt has had her solo exhibition with Rick Wester Fine Art in New York extended until November 1st. This is an exhibition of her project titled Still Here, featuring 14 chromogenic prints selected from the series of 45 images contained her recently released monograph of the same name (Hatje Cantz, 2013).

Primarily photographed in her parents home in North London over a three-year period, Still Here is a reflection on corporeality and the vulnerability of old age. Documenting the last years of her father’s life, Goldblatt’s mother and father are the cynosures of her lens, which captures them in the most intimate of moments.


Lydia Goldblatt is also featured in this year’s Brighton Photo Biennial, open until 2 November 2014, as part of the Uncertain States Collective on show in the Five Contemporary Photography Collectives exhibition at Circus Street Market, Brighton.


Goldblatt has also been included in Uncertain States “Open Call 2014 – The Final Nine” exhibition at Four Corners gallery, open until 31st October.

The process behind this exhibition open call was that all the submissions where available to the judges and this was crucial to our approach. We asked each of them to champion one artist, to respond to their own subjective resonance to their work. There was no discussion, no consensual compromises, just an individuals’ passion for each of the artists finally chosen. Without exception, our esteemed selectors have verbalised that they have been able to witness some very exciting projects from very committed artists from around the country. Noting their impression of the high standard of content presented and often the difficulty in coming to a single decision. Lydia Goldblatt selected by Zelda Cheatle.


And finally, you can see the result of the intergenerational workshops Goldblatt was running for Brighton Photo Biennial throughout the summer. It showcases the excellent work made by participants and can be seen in the BPB14 exhibition in Jubilee Square, Brighton, open until November 2nd.

© Shahazhan Choudhury


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