Photofusion Member: Maja Theodoraki

Maja Theodoraki was born in 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark. After finishing a foundation course in photography at the Copenhagen Film & Photography School in 2010 she moved to London to study BA (Hons) Photography at Camberwell College of Arts. In September 2013 Maja will be starting an MA course in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen.

Mountain portraits

The Bell, The Castle, Limestone Haws and Pike of Stickle are portraits of mountain peaks. I call them portraits because of the way they are photographed from a certain angle and within a certain proximity to the peak that causes them to look similar to portraits of people. A portrait seeks to reveal some inner qualities of the sitter by representing their outer characteristics. These portraits of mountain peaks seek to examine and understand the whole of a mountain by rendering distinct details of the mountain. The camera is an important tool in this quest because it makes a focused view accessible by showing a framed segment of reality which the eye cannot: the eye wanders in an attempt to comprehend a scene.

© Limestone Haws, Maja Theodoraki

The focused view of the peak opens up for a relation between a viewer and a sitter where the features can be studied in detail and it is specifically the surface and structure that is in focus. The encounter between the human body and the mountain at an equal position is imperative in these portrayals. As well is the sense experience when faced with the mountain at this level. Thus, the portraits attempt to communicate and facilitate this meeting with a geological form.

Selected exhibitions

2012 Monuments of the Future, Frame Your Talent Prize, The Danish Embassy in London

2013 Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London
2012 A Midsummer’s Eve with the Camberwell Collective, V22, London
2012 Welcome Home, No. 6 Collective, Lewisham, London
2012 BA.SE, Camberwell Fine Art 2nd year show, Shoreditch Town Hall, London
2012 Scenery, Moka Wednesdays, London
2011 Park La Crib, Copenhagen

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