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Marie Smith
Born 1981 London,
Artist is living and working in London.

Graduated from University of Chichester in 2003 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and will be undertaking an MA in History of Art with Photography at Birkbeck University of London.

Marie Smith’s work explores female identity within the banality of the domestic space in a post-feminist social context. Her work reflects the gaze from a strictly female perspective within the context of photography, using her identity to investigate and challenge the historical representation of the female identity. The domestic sphere was first deconstructed and commented on within the feminist context in mid- 20th century; Smith now seeks to address this subject matter within a 21st century context. Through playing with the representation of her own identity, Smith is subjectively deconstructing the complication and contradictions of the representations of the female form; as the subject is seen within the context of the domestic space, Smith is addressing the banality of her identity within a post-feminist discourse.

For Smith, photography is a democratic medium that can be reconvened and deconstructed continuously. A medium where ideas can be explored within the digital and film sphere without compromising the context of ideas. Photo-montage elaborates further within the discourse of photography but is used a sketchbook approach to reference photography which is the primary medium of her practice. Smith’s photos are often staged within the domestic space; it is essential to remain the sole object and subject of her images, creating a distinct and honest appraisal of her identity; to an extent abstracting her identity and creating a version of herself within the genre of the self-portraiture. Smith wishes to reclaim ‘the gaze’ of the female body; thus she must always dictate the lens, setting and parameters of the context of her photography.

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Marie Smith Marie Smith Marie Smith Marie Smith Marie Smith

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