Photofusion Members’ Photo Forums

The Membership Scheme at Photofusion serves to provide a community for photographers. Whereas once the community was darkroom and facilities based, now it comes together in a series of scheduled talks and discussions, which have an emphasis on professional development and supporting emerging photographers.

Photo Forums

One of our regular Members events at Photofusion is our bi-monthly Photo Forums. These are facilitated by a guest speaker – our last one was led by Miranda Gavin, deputy editor of HotShoe Magazine, and the upcoming session is being hosted by Gina Glover, photographer, educator and a founding director of Photofusion. The Photo Forums are aimed at everyone – from recently graduated/ emerging photographers looking to continue receiving peer feedback on their work, to the established freelance photographers seeking advice and guidance on a project in development.

During these Photo Forums three Members are pre-selected to present a body of work to the group for approximately 10 minutes, before a discussion and Q&A is opened up to the audience. This is a great opportunity for those who are near completion with a body of work or have hit a brick wall and are seeking feedback from professionals and peers. This is an informal event which encourages exciting discussions and critiques around photography across multiple genres.

Our next Photo Forum is taking place on Tuesday, 5th March, from 19.00 – 21.00

The artists selected to present their work include Andrew Youngson, Hugo Feio and Daniel Hewitt. All three artists share a documentary approach within their photography, however their individual themes are much more varied.

Hugo Feio

Hugo Feio will be showing work from an ongoing project ‘Requiem to a Dying Planet’, which observes subsistence farming in different morphological landscapes around the world.

Each location provide an individual story in itself, being that ‘My Own Plot Project’ is observing four different urban plots in London and Newport, of domestic and informal character, and they together can in some way enlighten a bit more to the complex stories of urban farming.

The ghostly effect was created to be able to portrait the landscape and the farmers, and bring a particular character to this chapter of Requiem to a Dying Planet.

Daniel Hewitt

Daniel Hewitt’s project ‘Geometry + Geology’ explores the formal and expressive affinities between Brutalist architecture and glaciated rock formations.

The particular similarities Daniel wanted to depict are the sense of sublime scale and monolithic bleakness. The rough, weather-stained face of the shuttered concrete resembles the irregularities found in the erosion-scarred terrain of mountain rock. The darkness of the material in wet and grey weather matches that of the frequently dour conditions of the mountains. The shadowy nooks and crevices inspire trepidation and invite exploration.

The Brutalist buildings photographed exemplify this sense of imperviousness: solitary, stark, with intersecting planes conveying a sense of geological force and weight.

Andrew Youngson

Andrew Youngson will be presenting a project that documents Bedouin communities living amidst Second World War minefields in Egypt’s Western Desert.

It is estimated that approximately 17 million unexploded anti-personnel and anti-tank mines; artillery shells; bombs dropped by aircraft and machine gun, small arms and mortar rounds remain beneath the sand in these deserts. The Western Desert is an area rich in natural resources but whereas areas allocated for luxury beach resorts and Petroleum Company compounds have been cleared of unexploded ordnance, Bedouin land has not benefited from such programmes.
Official records of incidents involving UXO have not been kept until recently but it is believed thousands of Bedouin have been killed or injured since the end of the Second World War.
The term ‘Devil’s Gardens’ was first used by the German General Erwin Rommel to describe the box-like areas of minefields and barbed wire installed by Allied and Axis forces during the conflict.

Tuesday 5 March, from 19.00

Free and exclusive to Photofusion Members