Photofusion Salon “Public’s Choice Award” 2012

From the work of the 161 artists involved in the Photofusion Salon 2012 exhibition Dec 2012 – January 2013, the public had the opportunity to choose their favourite to be nominated for the “Photofusion Salon Public’s Choice Award 2012”.

The three nominated artists with the highest number of votes were: Simon Hipkins, Ben Gold and Daniel Ali. As their prize they have their photograph exhibited in the Photofusion Street Gallery…as shown below!

Simon Hipkins

One of the winning photographs was from Simon Hipkin’s project ‘Ostrava: Hooked on Steel’.

“The project is focused around steel production and how it has been key to the city of Ostrava in the Czech republic for the past two hundred years. The jobs, money and prosperity it produced came at the price of poor air quality and heavy pollution. Since the country’s accession to the European Union, the city has struggled to develop a market-based economy as an alternative to heavy industry. As a result the Ostrava region has suffered from large outward migration and an even greater reliance on remaining industry, now dominated by private enterprise.”

© Simon Hipkins. The Gasparova family sit outside their home, an abandoned minerâ??s cottage. The only housing on offer to many Roma families is often in vacated buildings next to the ArcelorMittal steel plant.

The final piece comprises of a selection of landscapes and intimate portraits that together effectively communicate and echo the emotions surrounding the situation in Ostrava.
To see more from this project visit:

Daniel Ali

The chosen image from Daniel Ali was from his project titled ‘Searching for Karachi’.

“‘Searching for Karachi’ is a body of work resulting from a short trip to Karachi, Pakistan. I first visited Pakistan in 2004, a time when neighbouring countries were fraught with ongoing wars and despite there being an obvious influx of refugees I never experienced any sign of potential dangers or knew of any reason to be concerned for my safety or my possessions.”

© Daniel Ali

“Since this visit in 2004, Karachi has been headline news for many different issues that trouble the city; sectarian violence, target killings, riots, corruption scandals and gun crime. When I returned in June 2012 I set out to see the realities of everyday life, these photographs disturbingly reflecting the popular opinion that Pakistan’s most important city is on a downward spiral on course to end in mass bloodshed. The images in this series are part of a larger body of work which represents experiences that allowed me to be in some unusual places and meet some amazing characters; Abdul Sattar Edhi (a living saint), the MQM political party supporters only minutes after being targets of an attempted drive-by shooting, Pakistan’s largest morgue half full, gun shops selling military spec arms and ladyboys who cast spells.”

To see more of Daniel Ali’s work visit his website:

Ben Gold

The winning image from Ben Gold is taken from an ongoing project named “Festival Nights” in which Ben’s aim was to capture the spirit of music festivals at night.

© Ben Gold

“The often fantasy-like experiences created by the festival revelers, the late-night side shows and structures, the feeling of complete freedom, the moments of unity, excess, elation, exhaustion, at times chaos, sometimes overwhelming but always rewarding, the contrasting experiences. It’s almost like a film – anything is possible, there’s a different experience around every corner.”

Ben’s route into photography came via the film and theatre industry where he worked as a lighting stage technician. Ben went on to study photography for many years culminating with a degree in Editorial Photography from the University of Brighton.

‘Festival Nights’ is developing into a large body of work more of which can be seen on his website here :