Photofusion SALON/14 Public’s Choice Award Winners

From the 138 images in this year’s Photofusion SALON photography exhibition, Dec 2014 – January 2015, the public had the opportunity to choose their favourite to be nominated for the Photofusion Salon Public’s Choice Award 2014.

The three nominated artists with the highest number of votes are: Lewis Inman, Emma Evelyn and Andrew Sillett.

Annual Members Photography Exhibition

Lewis Inman

“My earlier projects set out to discover cultural differences and represent social issues through portraiture and documentary photography. Currently, I have been extending this theme with my on-going project based in Asia.

My recent work at an orphanage had the beginnings of an idea to help raise the voice of these young victims of the Tsunami. I now hope to develop this work further by a return visit and to continue to showcase their story. With regard to exhibiting my work, I planned to publish a selection of images in order to highlight how charitable and pioneering voluntary work has been providing a nurturing and empowering environment for 26 orphans.

Annual Members Photography Exhibition

© Lewis Inman. ‘Boy in Window’ from the series Tsunami Orphans, 2014

These photographs show how people work together to create a secure environment and education to those who have lost their families and homes due to the Tsunami. My future plans are to compile a selection of these images as a series; this will then be edited and published as a photo book to help tell their unique story. In the meantime, I would like to return to the orphanage to continue with this photographic project and to offer further voluntary assistance. The selection of images that I have chosen to submit as representative of this work so far, show real life in this orphanage. This is where children are happy to help with the daily chores and to learn life skills to support their futures. At the same time they are learning to be environmentally friendly as well as growing their own vegetables which became very important and rewarding for the children at this orphanage.”

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Emma Evelyn

Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2012, Emma has undergone a number of personal projects. At the beginning of 2014 she underwent a month long trip to Iceland with a fellow artist and friend with the intention of documenting, photographing, collecting and gathering what they found. Emma shoots exclusively on film, and is a self-proclaimed analogue fanatic.

Annual Members Photography Exhibition

© Emma Evelyn. ‘Untitled’ from the series its little pats were wonderfully friendly, 2014

“We went hunting for stories, old and new, from locals and fellow travelers alike and came home with them in abundance. They filled us up, ripped holes in our jeans, emptied our pockets, exposed themselves on our film and scribbled themselves through our notebooks; we found them in the most unlikely places. Iceland is a country whose calmness surrounds your every nerve, whose quiet defines your thoughts and whose endless space is kindly brutal. We found the cities and countryside filled with quiet life, with promises that something had been there before you and the reassurance that this was your time to discover its stories. It presented an unnerving sense of still: but in between the terrifying blows its little pats were wonderfully friendly.”

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Andrew Sillett

Andrew is a former national news reporter who now works as a portrait and events photographer.

“This shot was captured during one of my winter morning wanderings with a camera round my neck, wearing fingerless mittens and yawning into my scarf.”

Annual Members Photography Exhibition

© Andrew Sillett. ‘South Bank fog: A woman in a red coat walks through a patch of sunshine on a foggy London morning’

“I love photography’s ability to capture unique moments and the way it opens up your eyes to beauty in the ordinary. I first took it up to counter the winter blues, and now (almost) look forward to the gorgeous low light cast over the city during the colder months.”

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