Photofusion visits the Brighton MA Photography degree show…

This cleverly curated exhibition, that expands out through the corridors and foyer of the Grand Parade building in Brighton, showcases the high quality range of work by the MA photography graduates.

Quoting from the foreword written by MA course leader Joanna Lowry,

“Many of the photographers exhibiting here work with photography as much as through it. They collect found photographs, produce archives, trawl the internet, scavenge documents; take snapshots, procure studio portraits, re-stage events, Photoshop and overlay the image. Photography is configured less as a media and more as field of practice through which our relationship to the visual can be explored.”

Open only until tomorrow, 10am – 5pm

Some personal highlights include…

Sharon O’Neill

© Sharon O’Neill, from the project “Flats”

Flats centres on a block of council flats designed by Sir Leslie Martin in 1956 as part of a utopian post-war house-building programme. Drawing upcon archival material from a book Martin wrote in 1939, the work explores his idealism, recording the legacy of his ideas about the ‘modern world’ today.

Lisa Barnard

© Lisa Barnard, from the project “Machines in the Garden”

The Machines in the Garden denotes the dialectical tension between the American pastoral ideal and machine technology. Lisa also displayed work from her prject Hyenas of the Battlefield, the technologically driven corporations, keeping the US soldiers ‘in the loop’ but off the ground by the use of remotely piloted aircraft. For this is the goal – a mode of warfare designed to fulfil the new paradigm of the US administration, where no more American soldiers die on the battlefield.

Fu-An Chen

© Fu-An Chen, from the project “May Your Heart Be The Map”

May Your Heart Be the Map is, most importantly, a means to pour out my heart and soul. It occupies the domain of irregular physical movement, primal instinct and unforeseeable chance. You can read these images if you follow your inner voice.

Saturday 21st September,
until Friday 27th September,
10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

The Faculty of Arts Gallery,
University of Brighton,
68 Grand Parade,

More info…
01273 600900
[email protected]