Photographers Dining Club seeks 2 volunteers

Transforming your Brand and Business


We are very excited to announce that the next Photographers Dining Club event will take place on March 20th at The Proud Archivist, London N1.

The Photographers Dining Club is a new, bimonthly evening of inspirational conversation and dining. London’s only ‘photographers dining club’ (as far as we know!) invites eminent industry guests to share their insights and experiences and offers photographers the chance to connect, learn and discuss. The club is emerging as the key event for professional photographers of all levels and gaining industry recognition fast.

The next event will be bringing together some of the UK’s leading photography consultants to spill the beans on how to transform your brand and improve your business.

Many photographers tend to concentrate on taking the pictures, sometimes neglecting how to ‘package’ themselves, consider what the market wants to see or even who their market actually is. Photographers are left to figure it out on their own, often misguided by their peers, trying to do the best job they can. There’s a general lack of guidance and help for photographers in the UK on this essential aspect of the business. That’s where Photographers Dining Club comes to the rescue, a chance to share, connect and discuss another crucial subject in a relaxed social atmosphere.

Zoe Whishaw, an expert in visual language with many years of experience in leading photography organisations, will be talking about the importance of defining your style and aspirations as a photographer. She will be explaining how personal projects can lead to valuable self expression that will characterise your brand and help improve your business by attracting your ideal clients.

Emma Taylor, formerly a photographers agent and now running her own creative consultancy will be addressing how to find a market place for your vision, how to identify your ideal client and get your foot in the door.

Lisa Pritchard, photographers agent, consultant and co curator of Photographers Dining Club will be hosting a Q&A session on the night with Zoe and Emma. This will be followed by two live photographers make overs.

Want a make over? Here’s how to take part:

We are looking for two volunteer photographers who feel they could benefit from some direction and ideas to enhance their business. You’ll need to be happy to be given a makeover in front of a live audience by one of our experts and have your progress followed online, and in return you will receive free mentoring advice, dinner and free ticket to this sold out event.

Photographers need to apply by Friday 7th of March by emailing [email protected] with the following:

• A brief outline of why you would like to take part
• A link to your website/portfolio
• Contact details ( e.g mobile)

More Info – /makeover/

Tickets Available through Eventbrite –