Photography blog | Mirrorless cameras

By Paul Ellis
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Lots of people around the world will have recently bought or been given a camera – and the chances are it will be mirrorless. Mirrorless cameras bridge the gap between a D-SLR and a compact (or smartphone). They combine the best of both worlds – the flexibility and quality of a DSLR and the size of a compact camera. Which is one of the reasons that mirror-less cameras are now the only camera type that have seen sales increase in the last year.

mirrorless cameras

No doubt many more serious photographers will say; if you want the very best quality then you have to have a DSLR. And all things being equal they are probably correct, but I have seen awful photographs made on a £25,000 camera, and wonderful photos made on a £50 camera. First and foremost it’s the photographer that takes the picture – and to make those pictures great, you need to know how to get the most out of your camera.

All mirrorless and DSLR cameras are sophisticated machines. Many have a complicated menu system and array of controls that can confuse and bewilder the user to the point that s/he may barely use 10% of their camera’s capabilities. Therefore I have two suggestions to the owner of a newly acquired camera. Either read the instruction booklet from front to back, or attend a short course.

Digital cameras can be intimidating if not downright scary, but at heart they are essentially quite easy machines to master, and once understood the user quickly moves from being an operator to a photographer. A one day digital camera course will get you up and running – and a slightly longer intensive camera course will give you all you really need to know to start you off on your photographic journey (and if you really get they bug or want it all now try an intensive photography course). Controlling your camera, getting the most from it will enable you to capture amazing photos and for those images to become cherished memories. This is what is so special about photographs. They become visual memories. Looking at a cherished photograph sends a signal to our brain’s memory library which then allows us to remember that event, that person, in a heightened way. Photography plays a special part in our lives so get the most out of it by learning to use your camera to its full potential.