Photography Exhibition | [De] Materialised

Photography [De] Materialised – Exhibition, Oxford House.

The exhibition Photography [De]Materialised will be held at Oxford House, London in April 2015, and includes work from eight University of Roehampton photography alumni. Participants have, in different ways, responded to the idea of the de-materialised photographic image in relation to transcription and conversion, using a variety of different visual approaches.

Photography Exhibition | Meela Leino

©Meela Leino

Photography [De]Materialised is a photography exhibition that includes sculpture and moving image exploring the contemporary aspect of photography in relation to materiality. Since the 1960s artists has raised questions around the nature of photography and it’s relationship to the material world, considering the becoming of the photograph it self. Today these questions are taken even further, blurring boundaries between materiality, content and context. This evolution has arguably resulted in what could be
described as the dematerialisation of the photograph. This has prompted a new generation of photographers and artists to explore the photograph through the question of materiality.

The exhibition has been organised by Roehampton alumni’s Marco Pereira and Marianne Bjornmyr in collaboration with Dr Mark Riley from the Photography Programme at the University of Roehampton London. It is the first part of a larger event taking place at the university in September 2015 as a part of the course’s 10 year anniversary. Part two will involve an expanded exhibition together with a one-day symposium. Participants at this event will share their responses on the ongoing debate around the properties of photography and materialism.

Photography Exhibition | Agineszka Piasecka

© Agineszka Piasecka

Exhibition | April 10 – 26 2015

Private View | April 9 6pm-9pm

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