Portrait Salon presents….

…A night of simultaneous projections across the UK

12 November 2013, from 6.30pm

Come and help us celebrate the launch of the third edition of Portrait Salon, in four venues across the UK. There will a chance to get hold of the hottest newspaper in town, see the selected images projected on a big screen, and say hello to friends in different cities across the UK, with a live link-up between venues at 7.30pm.

LONDON: Four Corners, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 0QN (6.30 – 8.30pm)
LEEDS: White Cloth Gallery, 24 – 26 Aire St, Leeds, LS1 4HT (6pm – 8pm)
EDINBURGH: courtesy of Document Scotland at Stills Gallery, 29 Cockburn St, Edinburgh, EH1 1BP (6.30pm – 8.30pm)
BRIGHTON: courtesy of Miniclick, at Hotel Pelirocco, 10 Regency Square, Brighton, BN1 2FG (7pm – late)

This year, Portrait Salon will be based at Four Corners for the rest of the week, until Friday 15 November, so feel free to pop in and see the exhibition at any time after the launch. As well as the projection of selected images, there will be an installation of all images we received this year.


Competitions; To Judge or Not to Judge.
Thursday 14 November
7pm, Four Corners Gallery, FREE
Steve Macleod, Metro; Harry Borden, Photographer; and Eleanor Macnair, MediaSpace . Chair: Carole Evans.

In a time where there seems to be a photography competition everywhere you look, our panellists will discuss how useful they are in a photographer’s practice, the act of judging and being judged, and the significance of competitions in the photography industry. This is a free panel discussion, which will most probably continue down at the local pub.