Round Up | PechaKucha SALON/16

Round up of our annual PechaKucha SALON/16 evening in conjunction with our current members show SALON/16. We invited 7 of the participating photographers to speak in more depth about their projects before a Q and A session with the audience. It’s safe to say we were truly spoilt! Each photographer brought something different to the table and sparked dynamic conversation between everyone. Below is the list of the photographers that spoke, click on their names to find out more about them…

Celine Marchbank
David Sampson
Kim Thornton
Susanne Hukuba
Katie Bret-Day
Mark Aitken
Jeanine Woollard

Celine Marchbank Photofusion PechaKucha Talk Thursday 20th January 2016 A stranger in my mothers kitchen

Celine Marchbank