SALON/15 | Select Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners for this years SELECT/16. Each year we select 4 artists’ from our SALON show to continue with their body of work. Mentoring and a bursary is offered through the Photofusion Educational Trust. This year we have made some exciting changes along with Photofusion’s selection we have asked Christiane Monarchi, Editor of Photomonitor, Julie Gavin (gallerist), Brandei Estes (Deputy Director of Photographs, Sotheby’s) and Swan Turton LLP who have generously supported Brandei Estes’ SELECT choice.

Christiane Monarchi’s SELECT/16 winner:
Emma Evelyn Speight

Photofusion SALON/15 Winner | Emma Evelyn Speight

Emma Evelyn Speight | ‘Chico in paradise’. From the series ‘Zufluchtsort’ 2015.

In ‘normal society’ we give away our responsibility to other people; doctors, teachers, parents, the people around us defined as ‘authority’, and with our responsibility we give away our freedom.

The community refused to relinquish their freedom, and so opted to hold on to the responsibility and carry it with them both physically and metaphorically, many of them choosing the life of travellers. Vegetables were grown from seed, water was collected from an under ground well and the house was constructed with advice from books and local farmers. They created their own community in a place where they had no authority to answer to, with time and space to do as they pleased. Some had stayed for years, and others for weeks but all were equal in accountability for the tasks at hand and all were equal in the rewards that were obtained from their completion. Neither praise nor orders were given, and the small isolated world on the farm was full of serenity, patience and always kindness.

Brandei Estes’ (Deputy Director of Photographs at Sotheby’s) which will be generously supported by Swan Turton LLP SELECT/16 winner:
Andrew Meredith

'I, from the series 'Introversion' 2015

‘I, from the series ‘Introversion’ 2015

‘Introversion’ There is something so beautiful about being alone within a landscape, introverted and at peace with your mind, somehow, very little matters when you are surrounded by nothing in particular.

Introversion is an exploration of scale and ambiguity within a landscape devoid of landmarks and identity. A probe into spatial awareness, vagueness and keeping interpretation very much out in the open.

The project is loosely based around and influenced by the Mars landscape that NASA released on finding evidence of historic traces of water on the red planet.

Julie Gavin (Gallerist) SELECT/16 winner:
Andrew Youngson

Beagle Channel

Beagle Channel

‘Fin del Mundo’ is the somewhat tongue in cheek title I gave to a series of photographs that I made at the ‘End of the world’, in Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia. I liked the idea that the ends of the earth could be an actual place and so began documenting Patagonia as if it was just that.

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Kim Shaw (Executive Director) & Lucy Goodwin (Gallery Coordinator) for Photofusion SELECT/16 winner:
Caroline Jane Harris



If photography has moved from analogue to digital, printmaking has transitioned from building and pressing ink mechanically onto paper, to layering and digitally compressing data virtually on screen. I weave between these traditional and contemporary processes, as an antidote to our high-speed age and immaterial images. In each work the trace of the hand is evidenced within an exploration that concerns physical digital and virtual surfaces, on both horizontal and vertical planes.

Each winner will receive mentoring from their selector with a bursary towards production costs.
Photofusion would like to say a big thank you to those involved – Christiane Monarchi, Julie Gavin, Brandei Estes, Swan Turton LLP and Photofusion Educational Trust. Without the help from the selectors and those who help fund SELECT 16 it would not be possible to support the photographers and the development of their career.